Les Vaches  //  XC LANDINGS

LES VACHES; Sur la carte ci-dessous, tu trouveras les atteros de secours selectionnés. Attention nous ne controllons pas les activités de paysannerie, de loisirs ou de travaux sur ces terrains, vous les utilisez à votre propres risques.   

XC LANDINGS; PLease find on the map below all XC landings. We do not check the activities on those landing such as farmers or work in process, you will use them at your own risk.


Liens sur les pages d'explication des terrains de secours    //   Links on the description of the XC LANDINGS

4) CHALAIS ;   Official landing field of the Delta-Club Valais

5) SAILLON ;  Officlal landing field of the Parapente-Club Ovronnaz

6) LE COTTERG ; Just below Verbier

7) SEMBRANCHER ; Very big landing field

8) LIDDES ; On the road to the Grd St-Bernard pass

9) BOURG St-PIERRE ; Last one before Italy, at the camp site

10) LA  FOULY ; At the end of the Ferret Valley.

11) LA VISAILLE ; At the feet of the Mont-Blanc in Italy

12) PASSY ; Easy landing field for all classes gliders

13) CHAMONIX ; Official landing of Delta-Club Chamonix 

14) LES CHAPIEUX ; Good landing but 5 hours driving for retrieve!

15) EVOLENE - LES HAUDERES ; in the first big valley after Verbier

16) ZINAL ; Second big valley after Verbier

17) TASCH ; just 4 kil. below Zermatt, huge landing field

18) PFYN ; In the middle of the Pfynwald between Sierre and Turtmann

19) BALTSCHIEDER ; west of  VISP

20) BRIGERBAD ; Between VISP and Brig

21) RIED-BRIG ;  On the plateau above Brig

22) FIESCH ;  Official landing field of the local club

23) GLURINGEN ; Next to the white church

24) BASCHI ;  Along the road next to the Bachi restaurant

25) VIONNAZ ;  Official field of the local paragliding school

26) RENNAZ ; Landing field of the local club

27) LES DIABLERETS ; After the village, drag-chute will help

28) ROSEX ; Nice field 

29) LA LECHERETTE ;  Along the road long field

30) LES MOULINS ; Nice landing

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