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Accueil arrow --> ++ARCHIVES ++<-- arrow Why do we fly ?
Why do we fly ?
Why do you fly?
Certainty we fly because we feel some type of pleasure with this.
And certainty what each one feels when flies is different too.
Many may have an objective similar when they go to fly, then the groups appear.
We are different, we think different, we fly different and we like it differently.
There are pilots who only feel pleasure flying championship.
Others are only pleased if they win the championships.
Some of the group of cross country think that flights of less than 50 km distance are bad flight. Sled ride!
And that pilot, with 20 years of hang gliding that likes to soar with his single surface wings? Insane person? Is he mistaking?
What is going on in his head? What is the joy of being there floating over the mountain, going and returning, all afternoon...?
And doing this for years... He could be flying a competition wing, last type, releasing the wing nose to the horizon, going further than everybody.
Being fastest. Or then training a triangulation, flying in contrary wind,
traverse, to be sharp to be the first one of the next championship. From there to be world champion, it is trainings and more trainings, participating of all contests and wining all!
That is the point.
What it is cool for one, not necessarily is for the other.
The obligation of being this or that is the opposite of doing something just for pleasure.
Ask yourselves: why do you fly?
Do you fly for you yourselves or do you fly for the others?
Each one has his reason to fly.
Nobody is better than other due to that reason. We are different.
One does not fly if its wing is not set up by other, another one likes to mount its wing and, enjoy that.
There are pilots that don't like to land outside of the official landing zone, others lande outside almost always, looking to distance flight all the time.
Some only feel pleasure flying (and wining) championships, but there are those that are against competitions, want the free flight to fly free, without commitment with nothing more than to be in the cycle of the day.
Very high.
Flying for the side that wants. Free.
And the passengers of tandem flight?
In the majority of the times they only wanted to know what it is to fly.
Taken off the curiosity, ok, it was this.
One flight is enough.
Don't you know somebody that started to fly and stopped soon after that?
Or those that flied for a some time and also stopped?
He found something more important to do.
Adventure running, windsurfing, soccer, golf...
Or he discovered that he was not doing what really liked.
He got sick with that.
Or maybe he saw that the fear that he felt when flying surpassed the will.
An emptiness sensation.
The thing lost the meaning.
Then, to invest money in a flight equipment, to leave the family and pass all Sunday far, with a group that I do not identify myself ?
It finished the pleasure... It finished the flight...
One had an accident more serious, the insecurity, the fear of the family, pressure: "My son, stops with this! This is very dangerous! Think about your family.."
Then, if the pilot is not really sure of that he wants, quit flying...
After all not to fly is what the absolute majority of the population do.
And more, to fly without wanting to fly is a very bad sensation.
Put money of the family in this? It does not make sense...
Therefore, if you see a pilot flying local flight with last generation wing. Going from one side to another, without taking off from above of the official landing.
That guy may be having fun.
Don't bother him, maybe he doesn't think as you do, normal.
Don't put in him that obligation that you have to participate of every championship.
That guy doesn't want it.
His pleasure is different of yours.
At least it is flying.
Think on the possibility of you, 70 years old, setting up your single surface wing at ramp.
In one day of light wind. Raising it in shoulder, one light running with the cool and pure wind beating in the face.
Going straight and going up smooth. Doing a gentle curve in the edge of a tame cloud in one day of wonderful sun.
Making one great flight of half hour.
Landing standard.
And feeling alive, hang gliding pilot.
Since 50 years!
As in the times where you flied top wing, competition side wire, sprogs down.
Low altitude over unfriendly areas of restricted landing zones, strong wind, turbulent, knife in teeth.
Bar over knee in the last glide, teams of the front...
Longest flight of all or first placed of the day?
This is detail, what it really matters is that in each one of these phases of your flight and your life, you woke up with that sensation to be alive and to be able to fly.
And at night when lying down with the head in the pillow remembering unforgettable moments, of the pure pleasure that was simply to fly!
Neko et sur le même sujet by Pascal Legrand ;-)) Merci

Fly. Without an engine. You must think I am crazy. Why not walk on water?

Today, you can take off on your own two feet. Why would you do that? To fulfill one of man's oldest dreams : to feel free like a bird. We are not flapping our wings yet but we can soar and catch rising air currents, thermals, to fly long distances.

What makes the pilot tick? What's the kick? What's the trick? As with sailors and landlubbers, a lot of people can't understand why we can't be satisfied with staying safely on the ground. Is it a desire to explore, an attraction to a myth? This seems to lie deep in some of our genes. Our spirits want to rise. We want to leave our worries and earthly body behind for a new world. The material world and the materialistic one both require a safety valve.

We know Icarus was warned of the dangers, and if we are risk takers we are not gamblers. We know we cannot control the elements, but modern technology can help us for a better communication between nature and our body. We want to feel part of nature. The less technology interferes, the better. We want to swim like fish. We want to be the dolphin playing in the waves, with the hope that we will feel one with the universe, including our fellow human beings, with whom we would like to share the exhilarating experience. It rarely happens like that, of course. But subconsciously we try. And consciously we decide to take off. Who would deny this keeps the adrenaline flowing? Your acquired experience helps you figure out what to expect from the air. Nevertheless there is still mystery. There is fluid dynamics and temperature changes. Our brain makes up for a lack of instinct.

No doubt there is more of a Hemingway dimension if you take off in the Himalayas than if you take off from a sand dune. Not all bullfighters are the same. Not all the old men know how to hook the big fish: but you have to catch something to keep yourself flying, you have to hook and hunt. You don't want to become the hunted and haunted. If there is a fight with a thundercloud guess who gets killed in the corrid. So we try to avoid the big fight. We might even be looking for harmony, for the silent final glide in the smooth evening air. You have to be able to master a few things in your interaction with nature to achieve that. A kiss landing comes as an achievement after a good flight, particularly if you manage to land where you set your goal, which is difficult, so there is often a lot of frustration.

The flight is a story in itself, self-contained. You need a clear head to make the right decisions. Are you going to drift with the wind, or head on a precise course? This sounds like a metaphor for life. A bee-line to this point, then get some more altitude, get your spirits together. Where next? Ups and downs. Forget about ground level concerns. You are in the third dimension. Is it time or height? Sometimes you float in a bubble; you are lost in a circling tower of many vultures.

All this is not simply because it is there. It is because you decided to run to get some lift out of the air flow on your wings. There is a renewed challenge each time. Will the laws of nature work again? Can you turn them to your advantage? You have to do it right; fledglings often abort their attempts, sometimes paying dearly. Surfers take off too; if they get it wrong they wipe out.

Get into the spiral of a thermal and it could be like the tube of a wave. It takes care of you like the womb. It is a virgin part of nature. Nobody has been there before. It is the primeval spiral, the original shell that you seize from the ground up. You are not going to fall back to earth. If you know what to do. If you have learned.

Ultimately it is about knowledge, like the living, the dead and those who sail on the sea. Today, we can sail on thin air, navigate currents, skim mountains. The white caps are snow peaks. Almost effortless gliding for the lazy and crazy who do not want to hike up the trodden path.

Witchcraft or elitism? Merlin's magic wand, reaching a place where you are fit to meditate on a newly acquired wisdom, for the rather short time of your life. The perception of time is relative, I am told: this is the time of your life. Your rhythm. You have to make the most of it. Death comes at the end of the day, life's cycle of day and night.

In this case, there is dignity in losing. At least, in this flight there is one practical question you should be able to answer: "where do I come from ?" Does this mean Eureka or Bingo? I don't know, but man has already spent some time and money to find answers. Of course you have to ask the right questions. So all this is only a matter of personal choice. Freedom to ask, or to limit your horizon. You will have to take your own decision. To fly or not to fly?

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